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Our R&D division focuses on various consumer product verticals. We develop in-house products available for white labeling and offer formula customization for private labeling.

Product Concept and Strategy

  • Competitive market analysis, market price target and price margin determination

  • Preliminary formula research and design

  • Product creation, development and functionality testing

  • Identifying core processes and manufacturing specs such as cold-fill, hot-fill, tunnel pasteurization, retort, aseptic and HTST

Product Development and Prototypes

  • Prototype creation and refinement

  • White label modeling, private label packaging and manufacturing options

  • Custom flavor development and product analysis

  • Cost analysis, product sampling and supplier identification

  • Logo design, private label declaration, nutritional labeling and FDA compliance

Project Management

  • Co-pack and distribution channel management

  • Quality assurance and pre-production planning

  • Product launching

We are completely invested in the success of our clients. A Partnership without limits or boundaries. 

Our R&D division at BBB Labs is led by Zachary Spaw, who has over 15 years of experience in R&D and Product Development. Partnering with experts in relevant fields, he works to produce superior innovation across various industries that help shape the future of your product needs. Our end to end production is a perfect fit for our customers’ needs or desires. Our expertise in natural ingredients allows us to customize off the shelf formulations in almost any form or product successfully.


Whether it’s new product formulation, cost analysis, consulting, reverse engineering formulas, or anything in between our complete end to end R&D experience will bring your concepts to reality.

R&D Portfolio

We currently develop products across four industries: food & beverage, cosmetics, pet, and nutraceuticals/wellness. For each, our in-house experts have developed a portfolio of products:


  • Food & beverage: We have developed a truly unique and delicious line of wellness beverage shots that are unlike any other infused shot on the market. The shots come in a multitude of flavors to suit any pallet and can be white labeled or private label for any customer. Let us know what your food or beverage ideas are and we will make them a reality.

  • Cosmetics: we’ve formulated a variety of different products from lotions and salves, to muscle rubs and roll-ons, to beauty cream and lip balm and everything in between. 

  • Pet industry: We didn’t forget about the fur babies. We have developed pet products from bacon flavored tinctures, to dog treats and biscuits.

  • Nutraceuticals/Wellness: From capsules and tablets, to hand sanitizers and homeopathics we have developed it. We develop wellness products, but also CPG products across multiple lines. We are so much more than a CBD company. We are innovators throughout the industry.

Image by Bill Oxford
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