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Operator of a white and private label turn-key manufacturing out of Golden, Colorado, BBB Labs manufactures all its products under strict GMP standards in its FDA compliant facilities, ensuring the delivery of a consistent quality product to its customers and consumers. BBB Labs is manufacturers for multiple established and recognized brands, and also manufactures its own branded products.

BBB Labs works closely with the State of Colorado, CDA, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDHPE), and Colorado’s public Universities (University of Colorado and Colorado State University), to lead the way nationally in natural ingredients and commercialization.

Led by a proven management team, BBB Labs is well positioned to serve the rapidly growing market for pharmaceutical-quality products that meet the highest standards necessary for a wide range of discerning customers, including large multinational consumer products companies wishing to provide products to their customer base, and knowledgeable consumers looking for the safest, most efficacious products.



Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs leads the way in the emerging and fast-growing consumer market for natural ingredients in health and wellness solutions


BBB Labs improves people’s lives by bringing the best, most efficacious products to all consumers using their innovation in OTC and Natural Ingredients

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See our Press Release in Market Watch, 

Published: June 23, 2020 

Recently BBB Labs have received their Certified GMP and ISO 22716 Top Tier Certification from SGS Laboratories. This certification joins BBB Lab’s already impressive list of licenses, all to ensure the highest form of safety and quality of our facility, processes, products and ingredients:


  • FDA Food and Cosmetics

  • HACCP Certified Employees

  • INCI Registered Ingredients (cosmetic)

  • Kosher Certified

  • Osha Participant


  • ISO 22716

  • License  in Cosmetics in Canada, and Hand Sanitizer

  • BIOVA ingredient Quality and Potency Assurance

Assurance of the safety and quality of food is an important consideration for consumers today. A GMP is an important enhancement to your food safety management system, which increases your customers’ confidence in your commitment to trading and producing safe, high quality food.

Compliance with GMP requirements entails minimum common sense sanitary and processing requirements applicable to all food processing establishments. Many food industry companies have implemented the GMP certification scheme for food processing as the foundation upon which they have developed and implemented other quality and food safety management systems, including HACCP, ISO 22000, SQF and ISO 9001.

A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification scheme provides independent verification and certification that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for the implementation of an effective Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety program are being followed.

SGS is a world leader in third party certification and verification. Certifying your food safety management system against Good Manufacturing Practices requirements with SGS is an excellent

way to prepare for inspections by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. The process will help you to ensure regulatory compliance while demonstrating your knowledge of the

importance of producing and trading safe, quality food.

Press Release

Boulder Botanical and Bioscience Labs Achieves Certified GMP and ISO 22716 Top Tier Certification from SGS Laboratories

Published: June 23, 2020 at 4:41 p.m. ET

Jun 23, 2020 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Golden, Colorado - Boulder Botanical and Bioscience Laboratories, Inc. (BBB Labs), a professional, high-quality supplier of nutraceutical products,  announced that is has achieved cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) and ISO (International....

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Industrial Infrastructure


Consumer Goods Manufacturing.

  • Powders/Dry Blending.

  • High-speed encapsulation.

  • Tableting.

  • Liquid fill – 2 lines.

  • Capsule/Tablet filling line.


Product Development Labs.
HPLC Testing/Analysis.
Full creative Department.

  • Packaging development and design

  • Labeling

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